Terms of Use

MRC doo (hereinafter defined as "EthnoGym") is the owner of the website www.ethnogym.me together with all information and database (documents, program codes, logos, files, texts, graphics, etc.) contained on the service. Copying, reselling, publication and/or modification of any part of the web and mobile service without the prior written consent of the company MRC doo is strictly prohibited.

Services offered by MRC doo, as well as all content on the website www.ethnogymbudva.me, are subject to these Terms of Use.

The www.ethnogymbudva.me service may use basic user information to send notifications via SMS or email.

The website and mobile application www.ethnogymbudva.me include an automatic translation of the Terms of Use into English through the Google Translate application, but the Montenegrin version of the Terms of Use is the original and valid version based on the relationship between the user of the service and the www.ethnogymbudva.me service itself. If there is any conflict between the Terms of Use in Montenegrin and the Terms of Use translated into English, the Montenegrin version shall prevail.

Personal data

Personal data collected through our service will be used exclusively in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In order to use the www.ethnogymbudva.me service, your personal data should be correct.

Based on our legitimate interest, we may send you newsletters after you place your first order on the website www.ethnogymbudva.me. The newsletter may contain offers with promo codes, discounts, promotions and other marketing activities or news about Babalu.

If you do not wish to receive email notifications from us, you can always unsubscribe by clicking on the Unsubscribe link found in each of our newsletters, or you can send us an email at podrska@ethnogymbudva.me with a request to unsubscribe.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.


MRC doo reserves the right to change or amend the current Terms of Service www.ethnogymbudva.me at any time. Modification, amendment or deletion of the Terms will be applied to the website after notification of such change. Notice may be sent by any means, including but not limited to posting the new Terms of Use on the website and mobile application. Any use of the service after such modification shall imply acceptance of such modifications, additions or deletions of the Terms of Use by the user. MRC doo may at any time discontinue, change or discontinue any features on the website www.ethnogymbudva.me, including the availability of photos or descriptions of any product or service.

Disclaimer Statement

MRC doo, its employees or other representatives shall in no case be subject to any consequences due to accidental, indirect or special damages, costs or penalties, including but not limited to loss of earnings, business interruption, loss of information, loss of customers, loss of property , property damage or claims of third parties that arise or are related to the use, copy or presentation of www.ethnogymbudva.mee and its content.

The use of the www.ethnogymbudva.me service is subject to the Terms of Use that were in effect at the time the web and mobile services were used. Users should periodically check the Terms of Use, where they will be notified of any changes to the Terms.

Periodic changes

The company is constantly in the process of expanding, updating and improving its website as well as all its related products and services, and thus updating this business policy. We recommend that you regularly read these Terms of Use in order to be constantly informed of changes to the content. These terms of use will be changed from time to time without notice to the user.

Administrative law and jurisdiction

Terms of use and their changes are regulated by Montenegrin law. Any dispute that may arise from this agreement and that cannot be resolved outside the competent court may be referred to the Montenegrin court. All rights and remedies under the Terms of Use are cumulative and do not exclude other rights and remedies provided by law or other agreement.

Promo codes (discount codes)

This section of the Terms of Use applies to all promo codes issued in accordance with certain promotions (campaigns) of MRC doo that can be used on the website www.ethnogymbudva.me. Individual promo codes awarded to users are also subject to these Terms of Use. Additional terms can be found on the printed promo code or email sent to customers. The user can use the promo code only by ordering online on the website www.ethnogymbudva.me. The promo code can only be used by EthnoGym users, registered before the promo code distribution date. If the value of the order is less than the value of the promo code, the difference is not returned to the user (in cash) and is transferred to subsequent orders. If the value of the order is greater than the value of the promo code, the user will cover the costs in cash.

Currently active promo code is valid for one use only and then expires. Users of the EthnoGym promo code are responsible for the online download of the promo code and guarantee that it will not be available to other legal entities or individuals. The right to receive a discount promo code refers to the original / authorized recipient of the promo code. The recipient cannot transfer his promo code to a third party, legal or natural person.

Promo codes may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or published, directly or indirectly, in any form or by any means, by other legal or physical persons. Promo codes may not be stored in another system for downloading coupons without the prior written permission of MRC doo. The same applies to promo codes distributed without the written consent of MRC doo. For example, promo codes distributed via email or posted on other websites do not have the consent of MRC doo. In case the promo code is distributed in such a way, MRC doo will reject and cancel it.

Promo codes cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, promotions or other promo codes offered by www.ethnogymbudva.me from time to time.

If MRC doo believes that the promo code was used without meeting the above conditions or without a legal basis, including cases of misuse of the promo code, it cannot be accepted and will be cancelled.

Promo codes cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Company bears no civil or legal liability for any loss, rejection, withdrawal, cancellation of the promo code or inability to use it by the recipient.

The Company reserves the right to amend or supplement the applicable Terms and Conditions of the Promo Code. Such changes, amendments or deletions to these Terms shall be effective immediately upon notice which may be sent by any means, including, but not limited to, notices under the Website Terms of Use. After the changes to the Terms of Use, any use of the www.ethnogymbudva.me service will be considered acceptance of these changes.


For any questions or information about www.ethnogymbudva.me, you can send a message to podrska@ethnogymbudva.me.